And YOU are about to pay the price.
Democrats Have Run the Country into the Ground and are Now Trying to Make it Impossible for You to Do Anything About It.
Leftists are the caring and compassionate ones, and don't you forget it.
How can people this powerful be this ignorant?
$39 per year, or twice-a-year booster shots til you die?
You don’t say: In the USA and Germany, high-level officials have used the term pandemic of the unvaccinated, suggesting that people who have been…
What the fuck is wrong with these people: “CNBC host Jim Cramer goes on psychotic rant calling for universal vaccine mandate, enforced by the military…
You are now a conspiracy theorist and a Bad Person for saying all this stuff in 2021: ANTI VAXXERS! Originally tweeted by…
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The Palace Intrigue